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At Thoughtexchange, we’re creating solutions that bring people together to build trust, inform decisions and make progress on important topics. We set out in 2009 to build a platform that would make it easier to harness the wisdom of crowds through a seamless combination of technology and services. Today, we have the solutions organizations leverage to engage groups of any size, gather rich data and drive key decisions.

200+ customers in 4 countries use Thoughtexchange

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$5.2 billion in public funds raised


We provide a full suite of professional services delivered by a team dedicated to helping you get the most from your engagements. That means everything from teaching you to lead your own basic exchange with a small group, to facilitating online discussions with thousands of people.

Our advanced interactive data visualizations help you quickly pull the most important insights, so you can use them to make decisions that get support.

Whether we’re working from home or in one of our offices, teams at Thoughtexchange come together around shared values: trust, respect and openness.

We find purpose in our work and support each other by agreeing on the best way to move forward together on our mission to help the world have more empathetic conversations. Join our team of diverse minds today.

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