Help us shape the new ThoughtExchange blog

If you’ve been following the ThoughtExchange blog, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been busy launching our new product, ThoughtExchange Professional. As our developers code away, our communications team has been thinking about how we can regularly bring you fresh blog content that’s relevant, interesting and useful.

Since ThoughtExchange is all about bringing people together and giving them a voice, it only makes sense that we reach out and hear your voices tell us what kinds of content you’d most like to see on our blog. Before we offer you the chance to share your thoughts on the kinds of content you’d like to see, we wanted to share a bit about what we have in mind.

Along with the regular updates about our company and products you’ve come to expect, we want to share with you some great stories about how individuals, communities, and technology are bringing people together—stories about people overcoming differences in a positive way.

We don’t mean we’re always going to be talking about living happily ever after. We’re thinking more along the lines of people coming together to overcome an obstacle that lets them make progress toward their goals.

We also want to provide you with practical information and tips about bringing people together that might help you in your job and daily lives. With that in mind, let’s talk about you.

When you’re getting ready to bring your team together to talk about change, what types of information do you need? Before your group has a difficult conversation, is there something we can do to help you? What content from us would make your work easier?

You can let us know by taking a minute to share your thoughts in this exchange about the kind of content you’d like to see. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and excited to continue delivering great content to your inboxes on a regular basis.

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About the Author

Jen Reilly

Jen is the Director of Growth here at ThoughtExchange. She uses quantitative and qualitative data to improve our products and works with all areas of the company to ensure we make data-driven decisions that move the company forward. On any given day, she can be found helping the team to establish research priorities, carrying out research and experiments, and supporting our customers. No matter what she’s doing, Jen’s focus is always on empowering people to make the world a better place.