5 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

Sarah Mathias

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What are you doing to support mental health in the workplace? As the leading cause of disability, mental illness affects 1 in 4 people worldwide. And while Mental Health Awareness Month helped start the conversation, now’s the time to commit to a strategy.

As a leader, you’re invested in your employees—You know that healthy people mean healthy organizations. That’s why you’ll want to implement a strategy that works. ThoughtExchange helps you do that by providing an anonymous, unbiased space for employees to talk about their needs.

To help you get started, we launched a public Exchange to discover people’s ideas for supporting mental health in the workplace. We compiled the wisdom we gathered into a free downloadable report, 5 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace.

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We asked:

What are the most effective ideas or initiatives that you have heard or experienced to support mental health and well-being in organizations?

Using our AI technology, we quickly organized the answers into actionable topics that reflect vital areas employees feel are the most important for employers to consider. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Flexible hoursGive employees the freedom to take care of themselves and take ownership of their roles.
  • Mental health daysAllow employees to take the time they need without disclosing personal circumstances. 
  • Paid time off—Support employees financially if they get sick for an extended period.

Note: Our Differences tool reveals where participants disagree and where they find common ground. Knowing this will help you create change that sticks.


Last November, we launched an internal Exchange to see what employees needed from ThoughtExchange to bring their whole selves to work. They asked for more support with their mental health, and for caregivers dealing with COVID-19 restrictions. As a result of that Exchange, we updated our health benefits and launched Caregiver and Mental Wellness Support. It includes: Relief for childcare costs, flex time support, virtual mental health and physical wellness offerings, a home office stipend, and more.

ThoughtExchange Enterprise Discussion Management Platform helps you create strategies that work based on feedback from people who matter.

Want more actionable ways to best support your employees’ mental health?

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