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Dave MacLeod

“We went from literally 20 people to thousands.
The more voices we have, the better we are.

-Dr. David Vannasdall, Superintendent, Arcadia Unified School District

We love hearing about when our customers make a difference in their communities using ThoughtExchange, and we love it even more when they describe exactly how they did it in a video we can share with everyone!

Last week we were thrilled and very grateful to discover that Arcadia Unified School District in California decided to feature ThoughtExchange on their digital web series, Education Station.

The web series features Arcadia’s Superintendent, Dr. David Vannasdall, explaining how ThoughtExchange works, how his district used the results for a variety of applications, and why he believes ThoughtExchange is an essential engagement tool for school districts.

You can watch the full 11 minute video on Education Station – but if you’re pressed for time, here are some highlights from what Dr. Vannasdall had to say:

“The state was expecting us to aggressively go out and ensure all the voices got heard, so we had to think differently and think outside the box.

– 1:30

YouTube video

“People are too busy to come to a meeting and that’s what we found. It’s not that people don’t care, (in our district) our parents are very engaged. But they’re very busy.

– 2:50

YouTube video

It’s a positive way of helping people understand where their thoughts are compared to the rest of the district.

– 5:15

YouTube video

Q: When we get all of these comments and stars and what’s important to people, who on the district side is looking at the data?

A: Everyone!


YouTube video


You can watch the full 11 minute video on Education Station

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Dave MacLeod

As the CEO of ThoughtExchange, Dave provides product vision, team leadership and well-timed jokes. He has been focused on supporting his team as they continue to grow the company to help more and more organizations around the world bring people together by leading challenging conversations about things that matter.