Abbotsford School District


Abbotsford School District uses engagement to redefine education

Children today can access information far more readily, and in a far more engaging way, than is traditionally delivered by classroom teachers. Educators too are embracing the new realities of their role — no longer the person standing up lecturing a group of kids, so much as the person working in partnership with students to help them discover their interests, and asking questions instead of answering them.

However, it can be challenging for some community members – who’ve benefited from the traditional “chalk-in-hand” approach of teaching – to embrace changes to a system with which they are largely satisfied. Engaging the community in an informative and thoughtful discussion about what truly is best for our children of today, is essential to ensuring they overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

"The sheer efficiency of reaching out across the community was powerful. It saved us hundreds of people-hours and a considerable amount of money."KEVIN GODDEN, SUPERINTENDENT