Battle River School Division


Community engagement helps Battle River implement successful reconfiguration plan and recruit new Superintendent

Important issues such as school reconfigurations not only create an opportunity for community-based conversations, but they also create an opportunity for district leaders to facilitate these conversations with a goal of shared learning, understanding and broad-based support for the outcomes and decisions.

Using a tool like Thoughtexchange – to ask for input on important issues such as school reconfigurations, and even the recruitment of a new Superintendent – reinforces the collaborative values Battle River hopes to inspire in its kids. And, most importantly, by addressing both the systemic issues facing educators, and the experiential issues that stakeholders feel passionately about, Battle River continues to build trust and create positive learning outcomes for their kids.

"Thoughtexchange enabled us to deliver accurate information about our realities directly to parents in a way we hadn’t done before."DIANE HUTCHINSON, COMMUNICATIONS CO-ORDINATOR