Calgary Catholic School District


Calgary Catholic School District pulls off possibly one of the largest stakeholder engagements ever

How do you decide whose child gets to attend a school in their neighbourhood, and whose child has to get on a bus to get to class? With budget constraints ultimately dictating how a balance can be struck, the reality is that no matter what decision is made, some stakeholders will not be happy.

Despite initial reservations about opening themselves up so extensively to their stakeholders, the CSSD felt very reassured to see that the values they hold “near and dear are what people appreciate about them”. By identifying an engagement tool that was able to deliver possibly one of the largest stakeholder engagements ever, the District was able to use both the collaborative and financial benefits of this process to provide the brightest possible future for their students.

"CCSD is well in line with its priorities and the information we learned from the Thoughtexchange process can help us confidently shape our messages to stakeholders."JOHN DEAUSY, CFO & SECRETARY TREASURER