Clarkston School District


Clarkston School District building relationships through shared experiences

When Tim Winter, Clarkston’s new Superintendent, arrived a year and half ago he discovered that trust had broken down in his district. This feeling was most evident in the strained relationship between Clarkston’s teachers and District administration. Winter and his team believed the problem was rooted in a lack of dialogue, and set out to change how the District communicated with employees and the broader community.

While rebuilding trust was a priority, it wasn’t the only issue the District faced. “When we started looking at Thoughtexchange it seemed like an opportunity to provide voice to a lot of different people and rebuild that relationship. And, over the first two processes, it’s proven to be true,” says Winter.

"Unlike the results you get from surveys or other methods, Thoughtexchange remains in the forefront. It’s active, it’s fluid and it’s changing."TIM WINTER, SUPERINTENDENT