Glendora Unified School District


Engaging record numbers for LCAP: easily & meaningfully

California’s LCAP, or Local Control Accountability Plan, is part of California’s system for funding public education. The system first came into effect in 2013-14. Under this system, all California districts are able to have more control over their budgets, but in exchange are required to prepare a plan that describes in detail how districts assess their needs, engage with community members and identify goals along state priority areas. The meaningful engagement of parents, pupils and other stakeholders is critical to the district’s locally controlled budget process. Districts are required to engage parents and a long list of other stakeholders in decisions about how to allocate funds. It is the “accountability” portion of the LCAP.

Two years after creating their first LCAP, many school districts in California still struggle to get representative participation across all stakeholder groups. In addition, the exhaustive workload have many district resources stretched way too far. This was the case for Glendora Unified School District. Determined to get more representative participation Glendora’s Superintendent turned to Thoughtexchange to help ease the burden of LCAP.

"A lot of times in meetings, the loudest voice is the one that gets heard, or it is the person who’s angry that shows up at the meeting to speak. The big plus with Thoughtexchange is that you get everybody’s voice instead of just the loudest voice, and you get to hear what people appreciate."DR. ROBERT VOORS, SUPERINTENDENT