Linn-Mar Community School District


A new Superintendent’s blueprint

As the new superintendent of Linn-Mar Community School District in Iowa, Dr. Quintin Shepherd faced the challenge of getting to know a new district and a new state. Trying to get to know a new group of administrators and community would prove a steep learning curve.

The district was also facing some known challenges associated with a feeling that people were not being heard or asked for their input. Decisions were being made and it wasn’t always clear why things were being done the way they were being done.

Compounding these “poor optics” the District needed a new strategic plan. With the district’s buildings “bursting at the seams” the new strategic plan would have to encompass a comprehensive plan for new facilities and reflect the voices of its community.

"Thoughtexchange has allowed us to be truly responsive to our community. We’re not just going to ask for feedback, we’re going to move on it, or not, and have a reason why. It has allowed us to make manifest the promises we’ve made."DR. QUINTIN SHEPHERD, SUPERINTENDENT