Regina Public School Division


Regina Public School Division hear from over 4,500 to inform crucial realignment plan

When it came to opportunities for high school students, inequality had become a growing problem for Regina Public School Division. Its two largest schools were reaching capacity as students from across the Division rushed to access opportunities their own catchments could not offer. Decreasing enrolment at Regina’s smaller schools caused staff allocation to fall, jeopardizing the Division’s ability to accommodate 1,700 more students they were expecting in 6 years.

In the fall of 2014, Regina Public Schools decided to address this issue head on. With careful research, planning, and input from the community, they set out to restore the balance of opportunities being offered so every student could access the quality of education available at its two largest schools.

"We decided to use Thoughtexchange because we felt like we could engage a large number of people, and that everyone would have the same level of voice."MIKE WALTER, DEPUTY DIRECTOR, SCHOOL SERVICES