Spokane Public Schools Cohort Visualization


Thoughtexchange’s cohort visualization feature shows how opinions can change

When Spokane Public Schools passed their $145 million bond with an unprecedented 68.9% majority vote, they credited their partnership with Thoughtexchange for helping them achieve that success. While the high level of agreement amongst voters would significantly benefit Spokane’s children, the true measure of their engagement effort was their ability to listen and learn authentically on a large scale.

Taking a look at Spokane’s engagement with Thoughtexchange’s cohort visualization allows “listening and learning” to be seen and understood in a concrete way.

"In the past our facilities team would simply make recommendations based on what we felt was best as individuals. Working with Thoughtexchange, we were able to learn what mattered to our community, which resulted in passing a bond with the highest rate we have ever achieved."GREG BROWN, DIRECTOR OF CAPITAL PROJECTS