West Plains School District


Meaningful engagement creates support for new high school

West Plains School District needed more space for its students. Among the possibilities it was exploring was the building of a new high school – a project that would serve not only West Plains, but its neighboring communities as well. The District hoped to engage the community to better understand their priorities and use that information to help inform a tax levy proposal.

“We believe that any time we look to make a decision such as this we really have to hear what our community wants us to do,” says Dr. John Mulford, Superintendent of West Plains Schools. To do so, he and his team used Thoughtexchange to reach as many people as possible, which not only affirmed their efforts, but also allowed West Plains to bring their final proposal to the ballot more quickly.

"Thoughtexchange provided an opportunity for people who didn’t necessarily feel like they had a voice to speak. The overcrowding at our elementary is ultimately why we are doing this tax levy, and it was nice to see that our parents and community members realized that as well."DR. JOHN MULFORD, SUPERINTENDENT