Westview School Corporation


Two cultures, one conversation: breaking down communications silos

Like other districts in the state of Indiana, Westview School Corporation has been trying its best to adapt to state-level funding changes and has reached a point where they can no longer keep up. In order to maintain its high standard of education, Westview may be forced to run a general fund referendum to cover the gaps however, doing so would mean asking taxpayers to help pay for things they have not helped pay for before.

Communicating needs and identifying common spending priorities in Westview is particularly challenging because its two very distinct community groups have drastically different values. Nonetheless, the District was able to use Thoughtexchange to unite the entire community in one conversation and identify the best way to move forward.

"The value I see is how Thoughtexchange got two very distinct groups talking to one another. That is really unique to Thoughtexchange."DR. RANDY ZIMMERLY, SUPERINTENDENT