Customer Voice 2016

We recently invited our customers across North America to reflect on their experience working with us. Receiving feedback from stakeholders and hearing their responses can be challenging, and sometimes reflecting on past practices can be tough.

Here’s three ways we’re working through the results of our most recent Customer Voice engagement to ensure we’re a relevant solution for our customers.

1. Reflecting on growth

Customized Design. Thoughtexchange has done a fantastic job meeting our specific needs. The combination of smart, dedicated staff members and an adaptable software allowed us to make unique processes to share information and gain community insight.

-Actual Thought from our Customer Voice 2016 Thoughtexchange

We received some great insights, and in working through the results, we’ve recognized how much we have grown and changed in the past 5 years. Sometimes to appreciate how far you’ve come you need to reflect on where you started.

Four or five years ago, we had few very particular things we could help with – largely facilities and general community check-ins – with limited ways to provide results back to our customers.

Fast forward a few years, we have now worked with hundreds of school districts across Canada and in 23 States in the US. We work almost exclusively to help directors and superintendents drive change and our entire software platform and company has been shaped by the input of these district leaders. We’ve worked with districts to earn community trust and gain insight while they planned for changing boundaries and start times, implemented new programs and evaluation methods and strategically planned for the future of their districts.

Flexible and easy to use. Thoughtexchange is proving to be easy to use and we have customized our themed reports so that we will be able to track and analyze our results over multiple projects.

-Actual Thought from our Customer Voice 2016 Thoughtexchange


2. Taking action

The data analysis. It is really challenging to analyse the data. We had so much information. The document really helped but we still struggle with it. Would be interesting to consider adding that expertise to your team.

-Actual Thought from our Customer Voice 2016 Thoughtexchange

We heard from customers that our analysis and visualizations needed to help drive decisions and actions in a clearer way. So we took action. We hired 6 new analysts to our Data and Visualization team and 8 part-time staff to assist them in focusing on improvements. As a company we invested in the areas that we received customer feedback on to drive change.

With the latest information from our Customer Voice process we’ve been digging into the results internally. We are also providing opportunities for our various teams to reflect on the results and prioritize what they think we should be taking action on and investing in for the future. We’ll also be spending some dedicated time at our upcoming company meeting reflecting further and making action plans for each team based on the feedback we received.


3. Sharing what we learned

Collaboration. They listened to our ideas, shared their own and really collaborated with us – it made the final product that much better.

-Actual Thought from our Customer Voice 2016 Thoughtexchange

We’ve come a long way but we still recognize the areas for growth and continued improvement. I invite you to check out the feedback from our current customers and our team’s direct responses at this year’s customer engagement site. You will see where we’ll be focusing next.

You’ll also see some great examples of the new tools our Data and Visualization team has been working on! Interactive bar charts, a heat map and year-to-year comparison charts are just some of our new tools you will find.

At the bottom of the page you’ll see some great write ups about projects we’ve worked with school districts on and the changes and decisions that have been impacted.

View the full Customer Voice 2016 results site

We are proud of what we have achieved as a technology and consulting company and how far we have come. I really believe you will be impressed with the tools we have developed. We love to share our experience working with customers to help drive change, create empathy and increase understanding of the competing interests of the communities they serve.

About the Author

Lea Scherck

As Senior Vice President Lea is a seasoned leader with a background in collaboration, research and technology. She obtained her Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden, where collaboration was an integral part to all learning outcomes. Joining Thoughtexchange as the first facilitator, Lea went on to grow and lead the team as VP Service before taking on her current role. She is fascinated by group dynamics and communication and the application of technology to improve them. She also likes to consider herself a world traveler.

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