Dr. David Vannasdall from Arcadia Unified School District joins us again at the Coronado DALI Superintendents Summit
— Nov. 8-10, 2017.
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Thoughtexchange provides engagement solutions that bring people together, build trust and make progress on important topics.

Engaging more people to create a better accountability plan

With many families who wanted to be involved in decisions but struggled to attend meetings, California’s Arcadia Unified School District needed to find a convenient way to engage more people in its Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process. Superintendent, Dr. David Vannasdall and his team partnered with Thoughtexchange to quickly and confidentially engage the community in a two-way online discussion.

“Thoughtexchange saved us a tremendous amount of time because we were able to reach everyone in the same process. Normally it would take months to get input from all of our stakeholder groups.”Dr. David Vannasdall, Superintendent
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Hundreds of school districts throughout North America have partnered with Thoughtexchange.

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Use Thoughtexchange for:

School improvement planning | Strategic planning | Boundary, calendar & start time changes | Staff & student experience | And more!

  • Ben Small - headshot

    “We’re proud of our past efforts but nothing has even come close to Thoughtexchange.”

    Ben Small, Superintendent

    Central Valley School District, WA

  • Ben Small-headshot

    “​Thoughtexchange had an immediate impact because people felt they could communicate with us in a way that was transparent and confidential.”

    Dr. Deb Henton, Superintendent

    North Branch Area Public Schools, MN

  • Catherine Carbone Rogers - headshot

    “When we use a survey to get feedback, we’re asking about things we care about. Thoughtexchange allows the community to tell us what they care about.”

    Catherine Carbone Rogers, Chief Communications Officer

    Highline Public Schools, WA

  • Paul DeAngelis-headshot

    “Thoughtexchange was an opportunity for us to use a very dynamic approach that engages people at a whole different level than some kind of survey you would send out.”

    Paul DeAngelis, Executive Director of High School Education

    Ann Arbor Public Schools, MI

  • Dr. Quintin Shepherd-headshot

    “Thoughtexchange has allowed us to be truly responsive to our community. We’re not just going to ask for feedback, we’re going to move on it, or not, and have a reason why.”

    Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent

    Linn-Mar Community School District, IA

  • Jeff Mulqueen-headshot

    “​Our community’s conversation and the results from Thoughtexchange helped clarify that a shared facility may be the best pathway forward.”

    Dr. Jeff Mulqueen, Superintendent

    Pentucket Regional School District, MA

Why Thoughtexchange?


Build Trust

Research shows people are more likely to support decisions when they trust that leadership has truly listened to their concerns. Thoughtexchange lets you quickly engage large groups of people and easily let them know they’ve been heard.

Discover Interests

Thoughtexchange can uncover interests common to an entire group, reveal smaller groups with special interests, and bring people together around new interests by exposing them to thoughts shared by others.

Communicate Effectively

Engaging your community with Thoughtexchange lets you reach more people and understand what’s important to everyone. You can anticipate questions before they get asked and get more attention on district communications.

Gain Insights

All the data in the world is no good without a streamlined way to interpret it. Thoughtexchange provides advanced interactive data visualization tools that let you easily take a deep look into the most important insights from your exchanges.

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