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We're excited to bring together a panel of education leaders to share how they're overcoming real-world challenges with innovative engagement solutions.

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Stop letting the loudest voices drive the conversation. Thoughtexchange's real-time network discussions let you learn what matters most to everyone.

Learn how Dr. David Vannasdall is achieving meaningful engagement at scale

“As an educational leader, I’ve always valued getting in a room with a small group of people. You can listen to everyone’s voice and get a powerful deep dive into their desires. What if you could have that same powerful conversation with 2,000 people, or 4,000 people?” That’s the game changer Thoughtexchange has brought to my district.
Dr. David Vannasdall - Superintendent, Arcadia USD
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Hundreds of school districts throughout North America have partnered with Thoughtexchange.

School safety: Getting beyond emotions to talk solutions
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Ongoing conversations with staff that make change easier
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Highline passes first bond in 10 years by involving community
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Making fast progress on later high school start times
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Engaging more people, faster to create a better accountability plan
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Spartanburg 2
Engaging record numbers to deeply understand the district climate
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School improvement planning | Strategic planning | Boundary, calendar & start time changes | Staff & student experience | And more!

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Why Thoughtexchange?


Build Trust

Research shows people are more likely to support decisions when they trust that leadership has truly listened to their concerns. Thoughtexchange lets you quickly engage large groups of people and easily let them know they’ve been heard.

Discover Interests

Thoughtexchange can uncover interests common to an entire group, reveal smaller groups with special interests, and bring people together around new interests by exposing them to thoughts shared by others.

Communicate Effectively

Engaging your community with Thoughtexchange lets you reach more people and understand what’s important to everyone. You can anticipate questions before they get asked and get more attention on district communications.

Gain Insights

All the data in the world is no good without a streamlined way to interpret it. Thoughtexchange provides advanced interactive data visualization tools that let you easily take a deep look into the most important insights from your exchanges.

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