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How inclusive is your decision-making process? If you aren’t hearing from everyone who’s affected, you’re less likely to find a solution and more likely to face push-back.

Thoughtexchange makes it simple to include all voices in the conversation.

Spend 30 minutes and learn how you can become the type of leader that teams and communities trust. Leave behind other leaders who waste time and money on straw polls and surveys that exclude perspectives and stifle innovation. In the process, learn how you can become the leader of a more inclusive, equitable, and forward-thinking workplace.

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David Kauffman

Sales & Marketing Mentor

Since playing with electronics as a youngster, Dave has surfed the wave of technical innovations since the development of the microprocessor, and helped the digitization of several industries, from telephony to printing. His focus is always on helping people transition to being able to effectively use digital technology, by designing features and user interfaces that resonate with how humans sense and think. At Thoughtexchange, Dave works to simplify and unify the way we tell people about what we do to help lead challenging conversations.

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