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Start the conversation with our inclusive conversation software. Guide your company through tough, but much-needed, conversations by hearing from everyone and not just the loudest voices. Provide the opportunity for candid sharing and rating to remove the biases of race, gender, sexuality, and rank, and ensure that the ideas with the most support rise to the top, regardless of who shared them. Make inclusion an everyday practice with ThoughtExchange.

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Be a leader who makes inclusion a priority

True diversity, equity, and inclusion begin with listening to the marginalized people in your organization. Develop and demonstrate inclusive communication practices in your organization by using ThoughtExchange to welcome candid feedback, learn from other perspectives, and act on your people’s needs. With ThoughtExchange, you’ll make inclusion a key part of your organization’s success.
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Using ThoughtExchange, you can:

Institute systemic inclusion in your organization’s communication and decision-making practices

Connect with every member of your remote team and community during meetings and town halls, even when you can’t see every face on the video call.

Have difficult, often divisive, conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion to find common ground to help you make better decisions.

“ThoughtExchange has really helped us to encourage dialogue within our teams. We’ve enjoyed getting an unbiased, anonymous view of perspectives on topics from strategic growth priorities to diversity and inclusion and reactions to the social unrest in America.”

Paula Tripp, Consumer and Business Insights
McDonald’s Corporation

Diverse and inclusive groups

attract more (and better) talent
66%of job seekers list D&I as an important consideration in their search
In diverse groups
20%more innovation
30% fewer business risks
Up to 2.3xmore cash flow generation per employee
35%more likely to have above-industry average financial returns.
39% of Millennials would leave their employer for a more inclusive one
33%more likely to outperform their competition

Get Input on What Matters to Your People

Inclusive Conversations

  • Build inclusion of all voices into your technology stack
  • Understand what learning people need to improve your DE&I
  • Promote respect in your organization by listening to and learning from other perspectives

Unbiased Process

  • Operationalize a candid, unbiased process for group conversations
  • Navigate uncomfortable conversations and topics
  • Hear what matters most to your team without the biases of race, gender, sexuality, and rank

Gauge Effectiveness

  • Gauge the effectiveness of DE&I initiatives
  • Identify areas for improvement and expand on initiatives that are doing well
  • Foster a workplace culture with positive recognition of difference

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Summit

Conversations about racial justice and the racial economic divide are the key to making irreversible, sustainable change. Browse this event’s on-demand replay library for strategies on focusing and accelerating change in racial equity with conversations at scale.

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McElhanney keeps true to their values, with help from ThoughtExchange

Bryce Bowman, Internal Communications Lead at McElhanney, used ThoughtExchange to inspire company-wide safety and belonging. With help from the company’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Women at McElhanney (WAM) chairs, McElhanney has used their exchange results to act on key items (many of which have already been resolved) and reinforce core values that have guided the company for over 100 years.

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Why ThoughtExchange

Build TrustResearch shows people are more likely to support decisions when they trust leadership has truly listened to their concerns. ThoughtExchange lets you quickly engage large groups of people and easily let them know they’ve been heard.
Discover InterestsThoughtExchange can uncover interests common to an entire group, reveal smaller groups with special interests, and bring people together around new interests by exposing them to thoughts shared by others.
Communicate EffectivelyEngaging your community with ThoughtExchange lets you reach more people and understand what’s important to everyone. You can anticipate questions before they get asked and get more attention on district communications.
Gain InsightsAll the data in the world is no good without a streamlined way to interpret it. ThoughtExchange provides advanced interactive data visualization tools that let you easily take a deep look into the most important insights from your exchanges.

Scale conversations and hear from everyone

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