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Leadership is full of challenges.

Communicating and building trust with your stakeholders is key to overcoming them.
Thoughtexchange puts the most valuable information at your fingertips–by defining exactly what your stakeholders need from you, and giving you the perspective to solve the most difficult of challenges.

Join our Getting Started Workshop for corporate leaders and learn how to use Thoughtexchange in your organization or get a refresher on how it works.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start making more informed decisions that get wider support. You will leave this workshop with an exchange idea and the skills to run your first exchange right away.

We’ll walk you through the process of creating and managing an exchange, and show you how to:

Create effective exchanges
Write great open-ended questions and introductions
Promote and communicate your exchanges
Know where and how to get support and find resources

Upcoming Getting Started Workshops

We recommend this series to new exchange leaders or leaders looking for a refresher on the basics. This is your 101 class!

Hosted by


Florence Badejo

Customer Success Manager

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Florence moved to Toronto after completing her B. Comm in Marketing at the University of Manitoba. Having worked in large organizations and small tech start-ups, she found herself to be a natural connector when working with teams and individuals. She’s passionate about teaching partners to use data to empower and inform their decisions as this enables them to be active participants in their own success. Florence absolutely loves the summer. You’ll often hear her say “the hotter the better”. During those months you can find her down by the Harbourfront, out on a patio, or out for a walk downtown in the city.

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