Agile leaders connect with their people

Guide your company through transition by hearing from the quiet majority, not just the loudest voices. You’ll gain insights to better inform your decision making and ensure support from all sides of an issue.

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Scale conversations with your team, organization and customers.

The days of 1-way conversations are gone, but in this time of transition and virtual leadership it can be difficult to truly connect with your people. We make it easy for you to hear from everyone and uncover valuable, unbiased insights – in real time. Ask for input, share ideas, collaborate, and have a discussion.
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Using Thoughtexchange, you can:

Connect with every member of your remote team, organization or focus group during meetings and town halls, even when you can’t see every face on the video call.

Have the difficult, often divisive, conversations around org changes, inclusion, and budgets to find common ground to help you make decisions.

Hear candid and unbiased input from everyone on the decisions that affect them, instead of surveying them with pre-populated answers.

Get Input on What Matters

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Build diversity and inclusion into your technology stack
  • Operationalize a candid, unbiased process for group conversations
  • Gauge the effectiveness of D&I initiatives

Learning & Development

  • Get feedback on training
  • Facilitate group conversation
  • Understand what learning people need

Change Management

  • Navigate uncomfortable conversations and topics
  • Hear what matters most to your team during transition
  • Ask questions, listen, and learn other perspectives

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Supporting Employees through uncertainty.

Employee engagement can be an invaluable investment or a costly endeavour, depending on the information you have to work with. When John Brooks Company turned to Thoughtexchange for help, they had been struggling with employee engagement despite how much they had spent on trying to improve it. But Senior Director of Marketing, People & Culture Ryan Minkhorst says that Thoughtexchange has been a game changer: Leadership can now easily connect with John Brooks employees, and get real, actionable feedback on how they can best support the team through uncertainty, transition, and change. Minkhorst was excited to report a 180 in employee engagement for John Brooks Company: A record 96% participation rate in their people programs.

“In our 83-year history we’ve always believed that if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of us. Thoughtexchange makes our mission better and easier by giving us real, unfiltered employee feedback that allows us to make data-driven decisions quickly.”

Ryan Minkhorst,
Senior Director of Marketing, People & Culture, John Brooks Company

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Why Thoughtexchange?

Build TrustResearch shows people are more likely to support decisions when they trust leadership has truly listened to their concerns. Thoughtexchange lets you quickly engage large groups of people and easily let them know they’ve been heard.
Discover InterestsThoughtexchange can uncover interests common to an entire group, reveal smaller groups with special interests, and bring people together around new interests by exposing them to thoughts shared by others.
Communicate EffectivelyEngaging your community with Thoughtexchange lets you reach more people and understand what’s important to everyone. You can anticipate questions before they get asked and get more attention on district communications.
Gain InsightsAll the data in the world is no good without a streamlined way to interpret it. Thoughtexchange provides advanced interactive data visualization tools that let you easily take a deep look into the most important insights from your exchanges.

Scale conversations and hear from everyone

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