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Think about what led you to become a leader, and what motivates you to bring positive change to your organization.


What are the most important things we need to do as leaders to create sustainable and irreversible change?
Leadership is transforming. Creating sustainable and irreversible change means uncovering your own bias and including all perspectives. Jump into this exchange to see what leaders say about being agents of growth.

School Safety

School safety is an issue affecting everyone in our society. Whether you have children in schools or not, join this exchange to share your perspective on how we can all work together on this critical issue.


What are some important perspectives to consider as we work to make our schools safe for all students?
Even with potentially polarizing issues, ThoughtExchange brings both the areas of Differences and areas of Common Ground together to help groups make decisions that let them move forward together.

Work Environment

Whether you work for a large organization, a small one, or home by yourself, the environment you work in makes a big difference. For this exchange you imagine you are part of a team working together to make your work environment better for everyone. There are different points of view to consider so share a thought or two and then consider what matters to other people.

Combining a networked conversation with classic demographic questions helps leaders identify issues that are at top of mind for everyone, as well as those that are unique to smaller groups within the wider discussion.

Advice for ThoughtExchange!

Recently we ran an exchange with a group of our customers to get advice on what we can do to improve. This exchange is complete but you can access the report here! Thanks to everyone who participated to help us learn and grow.

[Beta] Exchange

Try our new user interface in this exchange about outdated beliefs and blind spots. Share some thoughts about what could be getting in the way of your organization achieving its goals.

Please remember! This is beta software and could have any sort of bug. Thanks for your patience as you experience a new way to be part of an exchange.

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What are some blind spots or outdated beliefs that could be getting in the way of your organization successfully achieving goals?

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