Don't just hear, listen.

While talking about mental health is important, listening to those affected is fundamental to effectively supporting mental health needs at your organization.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to use our software to listen.

On May 17th, 2021, we asked the public:

What are the most effective ideas or initiatives that you have heard or experienced to support mental health and well-being in your organizations?

We’ve compiled the Exchange results into a report that outlines how leaders can build healthier organizations with mental health initiatives that are effective and have broad support.

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Download our free guide 5 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace and gain insights into how you can better support your employees’ mental health.

In this report, you gain insights into:

  • Tactics to help alleviate your employees’ post-pandemic stress reaction
  • Ways for leadership to model good mental health practices in the workplace
  • What people want the post-pandemic workweek to look like
  • How to structure a healthy and productive workday
  • How to have scaled mental health conversations with your organization

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