New superintendents face a unique challenge.

Start out right by quickly learning what truly matters to your new community.

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You have many competing priorities.

As a new superintendent, you're expected to listen to stakeholders, discover their priorities and build a plan around them. And at the same time, your team expects you to have an action plan from the start. Doing both at the same time isn’t easy.

Trust is the foundation.

Trust in public institutions is at an all-time low. Successful new superintendents start out by building community confidence in their leadership through open, inclusive discussions that let constituents know their values and priorities have been heard.

Creating ownership makes it happen.

When people know they’ve been heard by seeing their input reflected in your strategic plan, they will be much more willing to support your direction. By consistently listening and responding to stakeholders, you will more quickly develop increased confidence in your leadership.

Passing a bond isn't easy

Passing a bond is essential for your district, but it's hard to do. Along with an effective committee, good planning and the right questions, you need a community that trusts your leadership.

Trust and transparency are key

People often distrust that leaders of large organization will do the right thing. It can take time and effort to build trust, and it requires transparency. Constituents need to believe you've really heard their voice and value the bond money they're entrusting to you.

It starts with an open conversation

A conversation that lets people openly and easily share their thoughts, while hearing each other and from leadership in the process, is the foundation for trust-building.
Thoughtexchange can help.







Thoughtexchange partners with hundreds of districts throughout North America to help them have more meaningful conversations with their communities about a range of important topics. We have helped incoming superintendents at many districts quickly learn what matters to their communities, build trust and create better strategic plans that get support.

10x more inclusion | 10x more ownership | 10x faster

Use Thoughtexchange to:

Start a meaningful online conversation to quickly discover stakeholder priorities
Create continuity by learning what your community values and celebrates
Quickly turn community input data into actionable information to build a plan
Leverage staff knowledge to effectively allocate resources and execute your plan

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