Version 3.12


Ad-hoc emails

An email can now be sent to every participant in every Process of a Project at any time, including before the Share step is opened (for example, a “heads-up” email) or in the Discover step (for example, a “thank-you” email).

Multiple emails can be created and saved. (Note: the “send” option is not saved with the email. This will be fixed in 3.13.)

  • The email can be sent from:
    • the “red dude” for the Project
    • the “red dudes” for the individual Processes
    • the facilitator
  • Project parameters are used when the email is sent from the Project red dude or from the facilitator. Process parameters are used if the emails are sent from the Process “red dudes”.
  • If a participant is in multiple Processes, they will get more than one email if the email is sent from different “red dudes” or if the Process parameters cause the email text to be different.
  • HTML links can be included in the email text

Leader page

A new, optional, Leader page can be created by the facilitator to show ongoing status reports for a Process or Project from the beginning of the Share step. The facilitator uses the new Edit leader page task to generate the Leader page.

  • The basic Leader page shows the current status of a Thoughtexchange Process in real time, including participation numbers (people, thoughts, stars), using basic statistics and charts.
  • A left-hand menu on the Leader page can be built to show other pages, such as Satisfaction statistics or links to visualizations. Linked pages are embedded into the Leader page.
  • Information can be refreshed by clicking the Update button
  • The Leader page uses the customer’s custom branding.

Process statistics

Process statistics are now available when Share has been closed, but before Star has been opened.

Stars & people report: theme labels

A new option in the Edit Stars & People report task allows theme labels to be shown in the report.

  • show theme labels option: similar to the show demographic labels option, this option displays a label next to each thought in an unthemed report to indicate which theme the thought belongs to.
  • The label only applies to unthemed Stars & People reports, since themed thoughts are shown within the themes in a themed report.
  • The theme and demographic labels can be displayed at the same time.

Keep original processes after merge within project

This is an enhancement to Projects. When Processes are merged within a Project, the original Processes are no longer completely deleted. This is so that Share participation statistics can be retained.

  • Processes are still merged into a new Process.
  • Original Processes are removed from the Project and become standalone Processes with “removed” added to their names in the Home view.

Participant phone app design improvements

Minor visual and graphical enhancements have been made to the participant phone app so that it looks more up-to-date.

Known issues

  • Ad-hoc emails: “Send” option is not saved with the ad-hoc email
  • A dash in a single Process name causes a BTH
  • There are issues with the bounced email task for Projects
  • The participant app (Share and Star) gives a popup error in Chrome

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