Version 3.13


Multilingual emails

Emails now include all languages (that were selected for the Process / Project) in sequence, concatenated within the email. The order of appearance of the languages in the emails is fixed. In a later release, you will be able to choose the order that they appear.

Managing the languages within emails works in the same way as other multi-language tasks, i.e. there is a drop-down for each language so that you can work on the email text for each language in a separate screen. All fixed text is automatically translated. Customizable text can be included for each language and this text will need to be translated.

  • Note: if an alternate language field is left blank, the English text (for that field) will be used.

Multiple theme sets

More than one theme set for a Process or Project can now be created in the Theme thoughts task. The DAV team can now create different sets of themes and then theme thoughts in different ways for the same Project or Process. This enables:

  • theming from different perspectives / classifying thoughts in different ways.
  • comparing different perspectives.

This primarily impacts the DAV team.

Multiple theme sets can be created by either creating a new theme set or by duplicating an existing theme set and then altering it. Theme sets can also be renamed and deleted.

  • Note: when you duplicate a theme set, the themes are copied but the theming is not (i.e. the thought-theme assignments are not copied). If necessary, to work around this, the theming can be downloaded, then uploaded again, and given a different name.
  • Note: When a theme set is renamed, it goes to bottom of the list of themes sets.

Bounced email handling for Projects

The Bounced email task now works for Projects in the same way as it works for Processes.

  • Note: the list of bounced emails does not show which Process the email belongs to. Go to the email log task if you need to see which Process the email belongs to.

Demographic charts on the Leader page

In the Leader page task, you can include Demographic Charts as a menu item on the Leader page.

  • Note: this is not live yet; it is an alpha release of the Demographic charts for the Leader page. Do not include them in the Leader page yet.

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