Version 3.14


Download data: Formatted thought report

New Columns for translated thoughts

An Orig Lang column has been added and appears directly following the Thought Summary and Thought Details columns. This column will contain either EN, FR, of ES to indicate the original language of the thought listed in the Thought Summary and Thought Details columns.

When you select include all translations for the Formatted thought report, new columns are added so that thoughts are shown in all languages in dedicated columns (i.e. Thought Summary EN, Thought Detail EN, Thought Summary FR, Thought Detail FR, Thought Summary ES, Thought Detail ES).

Sort order

A third sort order has been added, so that when you select include numbers for the Formatted thought report, the report is sorted by:

  1. Question (number)
  2. Total Stars (highest to lowest)
  3. Thought Summary (alphabetically)

Theme thoughts: Summary themes

Summary themes can now be created from within the Theme thoughts task. Summary themes are used to group themes within a theme set together.

One set of summary themes can be created for each theme set. A theme set will always have at least one summary theme with the default summary theme called “other”.

Leader page

Skip Leader Page

If you create a Leader page, and then later click Skip leader page, a warning will pop up to tell you that if you skip the Leader page, the previously-created Leader page will be taken down. i.e. it will no longer be accessible.

Demographic charts

The demographic charts are now fully functional for use on the Leader page. When the demographic charts are displayed on the Leader page, you can select which demographic question you wish to display from a dropdown list. The demographic charts can be based on People, Thoughts or Stars.

Note: the numbers for People can be ambiguous once you are past the Share step, since it is not clear whether the People numbers are for Sharing or Star-ing.

Interactive bar charts

Facilitators can easily include Interactive bar charts of summary themes on the Leader page, by checking the new Interactive bar charts checkbox in the Edit leader page task.

Up to 10 summary themes can be shown in the bar charts, and then you can drill down to the individual themes and thoughts by clicking on a summary theme bar.

Mobile participant app: Question instruction text

The Question instruction text, as entered in the Edit questions task is now displayed. The default instructions also appear; these will be removed in 3.15.


  • Edit leader page task: Text boxes, buttons, and checkboxes are now disabled if Skip Leader page is checked.
  • Theme thoughts task: themed thoughts are now retained when a creating a duplicate theme set.


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