Version 3.15


Short demographic questions and answers

You can now specify a short name (75 characters) for each demographic question and each demographic answer. The short demographic answers are used in the labels in the Leader page -> Demographic charts and both short forms are used in the Common/special interest presentation.

Email fixes

  • Bounced emails
    • TheBounced email task is now fully functional for Projects. The I know the correct email and advanced buttons work the same way as for a Process. Remember: to find out which Process in a Project an email address belongs to, you need to go to the email log.
  • Manual emails
    • Changes made to manual email text fields were not being saved correctly. The text is now saved and is correct when viewing and sending the email.
  • Ad-hoc emails
    • The send on behalf of option is now saved with the ad-hoc email. (Previously, it reverted to “send on behalf of red dude for each process” whenever you navigated away from a specific ad-hoc email, no matter what the option was set to.
  • Multi-lingual emails
    • For multi-lingual Processes and Projects, the email subject for each language is concatenated. This was always the case for invite emails, and now manual and ad-hoc emails also have concatenated subjects.
      • Note: there is a bug in the 3.15 beta release for ad-hoc emails – the Spanish text in manual emails is not saved; it reverts to English. This will be fixed before 3.15 is released to all customers.

One set of summary themes can be created for each theme set. A theme set will always have at least one summary theme with the default summary theme called “other”.

Leader page


All satisfaction options are now shown even if no participants selected that option.

Satisfaction chart

A Satisfaction Chart item has been added, in addition to the existing Satisfaction (numbers) menu item.

Interactive bar charts

Functionality continues to be added to the Interactive bar chart. You can now click on a summary theme bar to drill down to the theme charts for each summary theme.

Mobile participant app: Question instruction text

In the mobile app, when custom Question instruction text is provided, the default text is no longer displayed as well.

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