Version 3.16



“Red-dude” / “on-behalf-of” name

  • For emails that are sent from the red-dude (“on-behalf-of” name), the name has been changed from “Thoughtexchange-<Name>” to “<Name-Thoughtexchange>”. This is because when the name was truncated on a small screen, participants were inclined to not participate because they only saw “Thoughtexchange” and did not recognize that name.

Leader page

  • People, Thoughts & Stars
    • Includes participant numbers in all 3 columns:
      • People: x participants, Thoughts: y people shared n thoughts, Stars: z people assigned m stars.
      • The People column does not double-count the number who shared thoughts and assigned stars.
      • Now shows the correct participation numbers for all Project scenarios.
      • Participants who are in multiple Processes are counted as separate participations in each Process regardless of how they answered the demographic questions.
      • Participants who change their demographic answer in Star are counted correctly (i.e. once).
      • Participants who answer the demographic questions but do not share any thoughts or assign any stars are not counted.
  • Satisfaction chart
    • The Satisfaction Chart menu item now appears directly below the Satisfaction (numbers) menu item.
    • Note: includes satisfaction score even if participant did not share any thoughts or assign any stars.
    • Participants do not have to select a satisfaction score. If they do not select a score, they are not counted here.
    • Participants in multiple Processes in a Project only have 1 satisfaction score recorded (and it is not obvious which Process that is for).
    • If a participant changes their satisfaction score in Star, the Satisfaction numbers take the Star score (as expected).
  • Interactive bar chart
    • Functionality continues to be added to the Interactive bar chart.
      • You can now drill down from the Summary Theme charts to the Theme charts and then from the Theme charts to the individual thoughts.
      • Information about individual thoughts appears beside the Theme chart and includes the number of stars and the number of participants who assigned stars to each thought.


  • The format for dates in French and Spanish have been corrected in the emails
  • An error message is displayed if you try to enter 2 identical theme short names
  • The Chrome facilitator login issue has been fixed.

Known issues

  • In the Bounced email task, there are issues with the I know the correct email button for Projects. It is recommended not to use this button for Projects.
  • In the Process statistics task -> Demographics: the Participant numbers are wrong for Projects. The Thoughts and Stars numbers are correct.

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