5 Remote Selling Challenges Solved


We asked 300 revenue leaders

What are some of the most pressing challenges you're facing right now?
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Using the ThoughtExchange enterprise discussion management platform, we connected with 300 Fortune 1000 Revenue Leaders from across the continent to find out what obstacles to growth they were facing in 2021. We heard that in the shift to remote sales, leaders needed new ways to align their teams, build new processes, and embrace the hybrid workplace.

We’ve compiled the results into an in-depth report, 5 Remote Selling Challenges Solved: Executive Playbook, so we can show you just how effective crowd intelligence can be in overcoming your remote sales obstacles. We outline the top five remote selling challenges for Revenue Leaders to tackle in 2021, and how to solve them.

Strategic Alignment

One of the first things to break in the remote workplace was strategic alignment. The go-to-market strategy changed overnight to accommodate remote selling, and leaders needed their teams aligned and ready to execute right away. Read about effective ways to gain and maintain your team’s strategic alignment, helping you be more agile and successful as their leader.

Digital Sales

With the sudden shift to remote work, your seasoned sales team needed to adapt to a new way of communicating with customers solely through digital channels. Read about ways to transition as quickly and efficiently as possible and avoid letting resentment over the changes fester among your sales teams.

Customer Relationships

For your sales team, many of the ways they’ve traditionally been able to build relationships with your clients or with each other are no longer viable or even desirable. So how do you replace or replicate the “personal touch” online? Read about how to gain valuable, real-time insight into your customers to strengthen your virtual relationships.

Maintaining Productivity

Even if you’re yearning for the buzz of the office, by now, you’re probably used to the fewer distractions and more focus your home environment gives you. Plus, there’s been a shift in the market to adapt to a digital landscape, so what does that mean for you and your team? Read about how to effectively transition your organization to a hybrid remote workplace.

New Business Models

Although “agility” has been a hot topic for a few years now, not many businesses knew just how agile they would have to be coming into the 2021 fiscal year. Read about how to develop a new and more robust business model to improve your agility exponentially.
Don’t let the challenges of remote selling tank your profits. Get our 5 Remote Selling Challenges Solved: Executive Playbook and see how quickly you can overcome them.