At Thoughtexchange we consult with each customer on the entire engagement design from recommended questions to presentation of outcomes.

We deliver an entire engagement that blends both our powerful software with a full service approach that includes project management, communications support, facilitation, moderation, graphic design, website creation, analysis, meeting facilitation, engagement consulting and more.

Below are some of the different kinds of engagements that we have provided.


Ensure your stakeholders have the opportunity to share what is working well within your organization – and what can be improved.
Understand the challenges and strengths of important issues that affect your community.
Invite your community to weigh in on the challenges and benefits of theoretical scenarios to help you shape a vision for the future.
By proactively initiating a two-way dialogue with stakeholders about issues that affect them, Thoughtexchange helps you increase community ownership of your organization. People feel valued, connected to the process, and more committed to the outcomes.

Earning support by building trust is critical to community engagement. Thoughtexchange enables you to gather feedback on both the strengths and areas for improvement in a way that creates empathy, knowledge, and actionable data.

And by removing obstacles to participation that hamper traditional engagement tools, Thoughtexchange ensures representative contributions from a wide range of stakeholders – and diverse perspectives result in better decisions.

Successful leaders recognize that change is a balance of learning and leading. Thoughtexchange offers tools for engaging in collaborative leadership and community learning, helping leaders make mutually beneficial decisions that honour the values and opinions of the community.

People are often averse to change and the uncertainty that accompanies it. Thoughtexchange takes the fear out of broad engagement during challenging times by asking people to explain what is important to them. By uncovering the concerns and shared values of your stakeholders, you can ensure you are getting the insight and buy-in you need to make critical changes. And people who help form decisions are happy to implement them.

Effecting change is a complex, challenging process. Delays caused by unhappy stakeholders cost time and money, creating stress for everyone. By involving people in decisions that affect them, Thoughtexchange mitigates the risk of disenfranchised stakeholders and ensures you are heading in the right direction, together.

Effective strategic planning is critical for setting priorities, focusing resources, and guiding an organization as it grows and responds to changing environments. By learning what is important to your stakeholders, Thoughtexchange ensures your plans are built on a framework of understanding.

By removing the barriers to engagement, Thoughtexchange ensures you are meeting the needs of the diverse many, instead of a strongly opinionated few. With its online delivery and user-friendly design, Thoughtexchange provides anyone and everyone an opportunity to contribute, regardless of schedules or technology training. And you can increase the scope and scale of gathering feedback without increasing the complexity.

By aligning your strategic planning initiatives with the needs and perspectives of your stakeholders, you can improve legitimacy and transparency and build confidence in both the decision makers and the decision process.

Staff development is a process of continuous learning and sharing of best practices. Thoughtexchange provides the tools to understand what people need most to learn in order to move forward within the organization.

Trust is earned by demonstrating you are learning together about the changing needs of your organization. By enabling you to ask interest-based questions, Thoughtexchange surfaces the insights you need about the issues that matter, without polarizing your organization. You provide more people more chances to inform decisions, fostering a culture of inclusion and building social capital.

Restructuring district borders can be an unsettling prospect for your community, as changes can significantly impact the lives of parents, students, and teachers alike. Discovering group sentiment about the challenges and benefits of various border scenarios is critical to informed decision-making and to bringing stakeholders onboard with the final outcome.

Thoughtexchange enables you to uncover both insight and empathy as people contribute thoughts and discover alternate points of view. By asking questions that will draw out a solution that best meets the needs of stakeholders, you build trust and goodwill in the community.

Facilities planning is integral to assessing and managing the functional efficiencies, cost effectiveness, and growth of your organization. Thoughtexchange allows you to connect construction to capability by involving your community in the design and development of important projects.

To build facilities that meet the needs of many, you must ensure your community understands the challenges you are up against and invite them to be part of the solution. Thoughtexchange enables you to implement an interest-based approach to gather thoughts in a way that builds momentum and trust.

By enabling your community to contribute insights to your facilities planning strategies using Thoughtexchange’s inclusive process, you avoid polarizing surveys and empty meeting rooms and foster stakeholder support of the outcome.