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Help for Participants

If you are participating in a Thoughtexchange Process and are having problems or want to learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions or call the support number above.

Technical Information

Thoughtexchange email delivery: Email from Thoughtexchange is blocked for some participants

The Thoughtexchange support team have discovered that some email administrators are very diligent in making sure their users do not receive any SPAM. We support them in their efforts and work very hard to ensure that email from Thoughtexchange is not SPAM and is handled correctly. Unfortunately some email servers are configured to reject any sender that they do not know.

This article provides more in depth technical details about how we send email and in particular what we do to avoid looking “spammy”. It is of particular interest to IT Managers looking to understand what changes are needed to their mail servers to work with Thoughtexchange.

Thoughtexchange & Security – Canada

Thoughtexchange & Security – US

Release Notes

System Requirements


Thoughtexchange is provided using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our servers are cloud-based.
We provide the servers. We worry about backups, upgrades, Internet connectivity, hardware failures, and security.
We can host Canadian customers in Canada and US customers in the US. SSL is always enabled for Canadian and US customers.


Participant Application:

  • uses the browser’s native HTML/JavaScript only
  • works on phone-sized to desktop-sized devices

Facilitator Application:

  • uses the browser’s native HTML/JavaScript only
  • works on tablet-sized to desktop-sized devices with at least a 1024 x 768 browser window

Supported Browsers

Windows Vista to Windows 10:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later
  • Firefox 48 or later
  • Chrome 53 or later


  • Safari 9 or later
  • Firefox 48 or later
  • Chrome 53 or later

Mobile devices (default browsers only):

  • iOS 9 or later: Safari
  • Android 6 or later: Chrome