Kumar Banarjee


Kumar Banerjee

Business Development Representative

With over 20 years of Account Management experience, Kumar brings a diverse background in sales, with a focus on creating and nurturing long-term relationships. Kumar combines his keen interest in relationship building with his marketing degree from the University of Ottawa where he facilitated and published research on client retention strategies. His love for meeting new people and getting to know them is a natural fit with his passion for world travel. He speaks 3 languages, English, Spanish and French and aspires to learn Mandarin. Kumar loves learning. He enjoys staying active and loves all the recreational activities that B.C has to offer, especially the ocean, lakes and mountains. At home he enjoys spending time with his family and devotes most of his spare time to playing with his two young daughters, teaching them Spanish and magic tricks. Kumar is excited to be involved in sharing the amazing opportunities Thoughtexchange has to help groups of people around the world.

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