Telling Your Story – Successful Strategies from October’s #suptchat Tweet-Up

At Thoughtexchange, we work with school leaders to hold virtual two-way conversations with their constituents. Finding effective ways to share out the results of these conversations, however, can be challenging.

For this Twitter roundup, we are going straight to the experts at #suptchat – a Twitter chat on the first Wednesday of every month – to learn how school leaders across 18 states, at least one province, and even from the country of Argentina, share their district news effectively.

This month’s topic was branding and communication and the question that inspired us was:

Q7: What are you doing differently this year to successfully tell your story?

Focusing on the “What”

@DrGbates Putting the good, the bad, & ugly out there. Goodrich ISD will be transparent when telling our story. #suptchat


Using Goals to Kick-Start Action

@dbark13 creating a strategic scorecard for the website that tracks real-time information; blog more #suptchat

@jasternke Committing to 5 tweets a day with some being PD retweets but at least 2 being our kids in action. Gets me into classrooms! #suptchat

@betavt We used the #20DayTwitterChallenge to get everyone in #FWSU involved this year #suptchat


Turning Partners into Newsmakers

@docsmatthews More intentional interaction with our Ed. Foundation. Developing partners to tell our story. #suptchat

@RSJeffery New community leader newsletter (quarterly) to all town supervisors, mayors, etc. in district (print) #leadexcellence #suptchat

@JimmyMinichello Get to know the edu media in your town, state. Be a key resource for them when it comes to #edpolicy. #suptchat

@BSSDSupt I started leveraging twitter and encouraged district Ts. Results = 40% increase in use to tell our story! #suptchat

@docsmatthews Telling story by continuing to develop relationship with our public library. Great resource. Parent book clubs. #suptchat


Using the Old in New Ways

@TonySinanis This year we are adding new features to our #Cantiague Video Update! Check out a recent one:  #suptchat

@npolyak This year we launched a new website to share more about Leyden! Check it out at  #suptchat

@EricEwald_Iowa changed focus of my blog, started sending digital newsletter via @SmorePages, quick texts via @RemindHQ, + we have a school # #suptchat

@betavt Our HS has a rolling twitter feed in the lobby using our #. I love checking it out when I visit the school. I usually add too. #suptchat


Developing New Tools

@JWPBulldog We added the @Snapchat story this year. We are also planning a revised and better district newsletter. #suptchat

@Joesanfelippofc PODCASTS! Quick way to tell stories. Thx 2 @mrsfadeji 4 showing me @audioBoom & @CurtRees 4 the mic rec  #suptchat


All of these ideas strive to build energy around communication, whether by developing new tools, or setting targets for the ones that are already working. They also all share a sense of relinquishing control, of not needing to have a perfectly tweaked and shaped district message. Instead, they show districts how they can let the power of community newsmakers speed up the school news cycle exponentially.

Welcome to the brave new world of education communication.

About #suptchat

On the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm CT, a group of engaged and forward thinking superintendents gather around the Twitter hashtag #suptchat to share ideas and strategies for improving education.

The chat is co-moderated by Mike Lubelfeld, Ed.D. (@mikelubelfeld) and Nick Polyak, Ed.D. (@npolyak) both Superintendents and engaged digital collaborators. This week’s guest moderators were Joe Sanfelippo, Ph.D. (@Joesanfelippofc) and Tony Sinanis, Ed.D. (@TonySinanis). Read This Month’s #suptchat

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