Working through school closures

We know that this has been a challenging time for you, and we want you to know that your strength and ongoing leadership hasn’t gone unnoticed. We are here for you.

Hear all voices

ThoughtExchange helps you hear every voice in the conversation – not just the loudest. Keep your community connected and engaged in finding solutions that work for everyone.
AskAs we develop the plan to educate our students in these extraordinary times, what are the most important considerations?

Lead with empathy

Isolation doesn’t have to mean disconnection. ThoughtExchange creates the opportunity for people to connect with each other and share their experiences.
AskWhat are some important lessons learned so far about how to best support our children during the school closures?

Engage your staff

Don’t face these challenges alone. ThoughtExchange helps you connect with your staff to find ways of supporting one another and solving problems together.
AskWhat are some creative ways you have reached out to connect with our students during this time?

“Leadership is best done by listening. In times of rapid change and crisis, more than ever your ability to listen and gather voices of ALL to make decisions is more important than ever. ThoughtExchange can assist in this process!”

Terrence Davis, Superintendent
Beaumont USD, CA

We're here to help. For free.

Effective immediately, while schools are closed, district leaders can gain free access to ThoughtExchange for mission critical exchanges relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are no strings attached and no limits on participation numbers. We are here to help you stay connected.

"With ThoughtExchange, our stakeholder engagement efforts have been enhanced, allowing more people to be involved in meaningful ways and bringing out the most resonant ideas from our community.”

Robert Tagorda, Executive Director Equity, Access, and College & Career Readiness
Long Beach USD, CA

How does it work?



Participants share their thoughts about an open-ended question


Participants evaluate and prioritize thoughts of other people


Leaders and participants discover what they most care about as a group

The best way to understand ThoughtExchange is to experience it

We asked: "As leaders, what can we do to bring people together and keep them connected and creative as we face challenges caused by COVID-19?" Join the exchange and learn what people are thinking.

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“Soliciting not just feedback, but creative ideas and solutions with ThoughtExchange has engaged a broader cross section of our community. Shared decision making has increased buy-in and supported efforts to move our District forward - together.”

Karl Mueller, Superintendent
Coronado USD, CA

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Feeling like a leader without answers can be nerve wracking – it’s a good thing your district is a community of experts on what they need most right now. Let’s talk about how to get that input into your hands, and free you to focus on what you do best.

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