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Allstate’s best-in-class products and services help provide innovative protection and retirement solutions to millions of households nationwide. Allstate has employees working in remote offices across the United States, who they regularly bring together in groups for in-person and online corporate learning events.

Because employees take time from their regular duties to attend training, it’s important to the company that employees get the maximum benefit from learning programs. The ability to get honest, real-time feedback from employees on learning programs is critical to ensuring training is relevant, valuable and delivers a return on investment for Allstate’s enterprise learning programs.


 Leaders use ThoughtExchange to engage staff and let employees learn from each other before, during and after learning events. 

Crowdsource important topics for upcoming events and key areas they would like speakers to cover.

Enable real-time online interaction between learners across multiple locations during training and surface key takeaways and questions. 

Use in-depth qualitative data to make informed decisions about future learning programs


First started using ThoughtExchange in Q4 2018. Early indicators of success include:

  • Reduced time spent on in-person programming and greater efficiency during training sessions
  •  Better ability to access and leverage diversity by including a broader cross-section of dispersed staff
  •  Increased speed of training programs and retention of learning content
  •  More collaborative learning opportunities that access internal expertise

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