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Data-Driven Decisions

Using data to drive better employee training decisions

For Allstate, quality data is as good as gold. The company has a strong team of analysts, but continually seeks ways to dive deeper into data from employee surveys and evaluations.

“We’re lucky to have learning measurement specialists. But there’s always been a ‘missing’ for us,” explains Rose Sheldon, Director of Enterprise Learning Programs. “Sometimes it’s hard to connect all the dots, especially the larger the program gets. You need some pretty significant data mining to be able to link thoughts together.”

Sheldon says Thoughtexchange is filling a significant gap for Allstate by delivering the qualitative data and insights needed to make effective decisions about training programs.

“We can use Thoughtexchange with our surveys and evaluations that are already working quite well,” Sheldon says. “It allows us to go in and see how all the thoughts are connecting and bubbling up to the top. We can see what the main thoughts, main concerns, and main questions are among this large body of people that we are training.”

Thoughtexchange removes the guesswork from Sheldon’s engagement efforts. The result? Allstate leadership can be confident that they are hearing ideas from all employees and learning what truly matters to them.

The software also lets Allstate distribute learning effectively, “without having to get everyone in the same room,” Sheldon says.

“Thoughtexchange is really helping us lean into that idea of being efficient and effective.”

Thoughtexchange is really helping us lean into that idea of being efficient and effective.Rose Sheldon, Director of Enterprise Learning Programs

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