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Leadership Development

The leader's journey

Allstate wanted to find a way to make leadership training more dynamic and interactive. The company also needed a program that was modular and available year-round. But most importantly, Allstate wanted to cultivate real connections between learners and experienced leaders.

As Director of Enterprise Learning Programs, Rose Sheldon’s main challenge was finding a way to enable new leaders to quickly and efficiently access the collective intelligence of the company’s leadership community.

Thoughtexchange provided the missing link of transparency and openness for the company’s emerging vision for new leader onboarding and integration.

“Thoughtexchange is a lever we can pull to ask open-ended questions as people are moving through different pieces of the curriculum,” Sheldon says. “It allows them to be in a group of their peers where they can feel comfortable asking questions.”

The platform also gives Allstate immediate feedback on what leaders in training are thinking and saying, which Sheldon and her team can then use to inform and strengthen training programs.

Recently, when Sheldon brought two new teams of employees into her department, she used Thoughtexchange to share her own leadership journey. Revealing her own successes and failures eased the integration process and modeled the courage and transparency needed to foster excellence in leadership.

“I told them they could be as personal as they wanted to be. Because of the anonymity of the tool, they asked some really tough questions, like ‘What was the biggest failure of my career?’” Sheldon shares. “We were able to very quickly break down some of those walls that can feel very strange when you get a new leader.”

We were able to very quickly break down some of those walls that can feel very strange when you get a new leader.Rose Sheldon, Director of Enterprise Learning Programs

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