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Staff Morale

Creating a more competitive district by maximizing staff morale

As public school districts face increasing competition from private schools, charters and voucher programs, education leaders are consistently looking for new ways to attract and retain students.

For District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Matteson, a key approach to making TST BOCES more competitive is maintaining a high level of staff morale and performance by consistently engaging his personnel with ThoughtExchange.

After months of using exchanges on an ongoing basis to give all staff a chance to hear from each other and collectively contribute to decisions on issues that affect them, Dr. Matteson says he’s seeing the results in increased performance.

“If you truly want to hear from your employees in a transparent way and learn what matters to them, if you want to be inclusive in your decision-making, if you want to hit the mark when you’re engaging the change process, then you want to be engaging in ThoughtExchanges with your employees,” he says. “Once staff see that their ideas and thoughts are valued, their job satisfaction goes up, their morale goes through the roof, and they stay engaged.”

From a bottom-line perspective, Dr. Matteson says that the high level of staff morale and engagement is a key market differentiator for his organization.

“ThoughtExchange is priceless because an energized staff is one of the best marketing tools of any organization,” he says. “If you have highly engaged, happy, employees who speak highly of your organization, then your recruitment and business efforts get a lot easier. So to me, it’s like gold.”

ThoughtExchange is priceless because an energized staff is one of the best marketing tools for any organization.Dr. Jeff Matteson, District Superintendent

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ThoughtExchange provides software solutions that bring people together, build trust and make progress on important topics. Whether it’s employees, customers or whole communities, our solutions effortlessly connect you to your stakeholders. People can confidentially and independently share their thoughts, appreciate other points of view and understand how their perspectives are connected to decisions. Our patent-pending data analysis gives you the insights to make informed decisions and take action.