Virtual Leadership Conversations

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Real change takes a community

vCONNECT EDU is for education leaders who want to collaborate, innovate and make a difference. Like you.
  • “The reminder that we are leaders and human beings with feelings, thoughts and emotions has been helpful.”

  • “A shared experience with colleagues across North America! It’s great to feel connected.”

  • “It was a great session, and really showcases how Thoughtexchange can be used to facilitate meaningful conversations, even in a large group,”

  • “I learned that wherever we are in Canada or the United States, our challenges are very similar.”


vCONNECT EDU brings people together

People who are facing the same challenges.
Share your stories and talk about what matters to the group.

Educators who’ve walked a mile in your shoes.
Gain insights from each other and learn from the experience of all.

Colleagues who can support you.
Make connections with your peers and lead together.

[virtual] roundtables for real connection

Come together with your peers from across the continent without leaving your desk (or couch). The event is a combination of group discussion and smaller roundtable breakouts.

Upcoming vCONNECTs

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