Dr. Donald Owen from Urbana talks Thoughtexchange

3 one minute videos

Dr. Donald Owen and his team at the Urbana School District 116 in Illinois recently partnered with Thoughtexchange to help bring people together around the development of the district’s strategic plan.

We’re excited to share with you this three-part video series featuring interviews with Don about his successful Thoughtexchange experience. In reflecting on the process, Don says Thoughtexchange’s “qualitative, open-ended questions provide much richer data and… a better context for not just making decisions, but also creating understanding.”

Each of the three videos we’re sharing with you offers further unique insights into Don’s experience with the Thoughtexchange process, and how his school district benefitted from it.

Part 1 of 3: Actionable results guided by rich understandings
Part 2 of 3: Unlocking the power of qualitative data

Part 3 of 3: Rich Thoughtexchange data helps out in unexpected ways

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