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How Building Grit Fosters Meaning in Life

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“Find your G.R.I.T.”

What does having “grit” mean to you? Phil Kassel, Co-Founder and President of 365 G.R.I.T., defines it as Grinding though Resistance to an Irresistible Target – seeing your goal, and taking daily, deliberate, and intentional action towards it. In this Thoughtexchange virtual event, Phil Kassel will show you how to:

  • Define your goals
  • Find productive and fulfilling ways to move towards them
  • Increase engagement in your organization by promoting purposeful habits

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Phil Kassel

Co-Founder and President
365 G.R.I.T.

Phil Kassel is Co-Founder and President of 365 G.R.I.T. His extensive experience as an Executive leader, coupled with his sports and coaching background, has allowed him to see clear common denominators within an organization or team. Over the past 20 years, Phil’s learning and leading journey through failure and success has continued to fuel his passion and resolve and has helped shape the 365 G.R.I.T. Process.



Matt Summers

Sr. Account Executive

He was born on Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father, moments before the planets' destruction. Discovered and adopted by a North Vancouver couple, the child is raised as Matthew Summers and imbued with a strong moral compass. Early in his childhood, he displays various superhuman abilities which, upon reaching maturity, he resolves to use for the benefit of humanity through a Thoughtexchange ambassador identity. Outside of the office, Matt and his wife Randi juggle a bustling and happy home of five kids, a cat, and a dog. Living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, the Summers clan are often found enjoying a campfire on the beach, hiking along forest trails or relaxing watching classic 80’s/90’s movies.

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