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Thoughtexchange’s crowd conversation software makes it easy to ask people what matters and take fast action on the data, no matter the size of your organization.

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Whether you want to talk to 10 or 10,000 people, we’ll help you build a software solution that’s a perfect fit for your needs.
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What you get

Unlimited Participants

Unlimited Exchanges

Multiple Languages

Security Options

Real-Time Analytic Dashboards

Up to 10 Survey Questions

AI Theming and Moderation

Web and Print Report Building

Exclusive Webinars and Events

Premium Support Services

Crowd Conversations in Minutes

You can hear all voices in your organization in just minutes using Thoughtexchange. Get feedback from your team or whole community in three easy steps:

Share your exchange

Get your participants' thoughts

Take action on the data

Thoughtexchange for Business or Education

Whether you’re a company that wants to connect its remote workforce or a school district looking to pass a bond, we’ve got a tailored solution for you.

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