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Scale conversations with your team, community and customers.

Thoughtexchange’s software allows leaders to read a crowd from anywhere, listen to everyone in the group and get valuable unbiased input in real time.
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Scale conversations with your team, community and customers.

Thoughtexchange’s software allows leaders to have a conversation with a large or virtual crowd, listen to everyone in the group and uncover valuable unbiased input in real time.
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Make better informed decisions

Hear from the unheard majority, not just the loudest voices, and gain insights to better inform your decision making and ensure buy-in from all sides of an issue.
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“With Thoughtexchange, I was able to navigate the questions that I had guessed people had, and surface a bunch of things–small things and big things–that weren’t on my radar. It’s a powerful tool that we need now more than ever.”

Jack Newton,
CEO & Co-Founder, CLIO


Tap real-time intelligence virtually

Connect with every member of your remote team, community or focus group during meetings and town halls even when you can’t see who’s all on the video call.

Find common ground

AI and machine learning surface similarities and actionable insights between contrasting beliefs. Prevent becoming paralyzed when broaching difficult topics like inclusion, budget, bonds, or change management.

Demonstrate respect and build trust

Provide equal opportunity to give respectful candor and input that is free from bias. Involve everyone in decisions that affect them instead of surveying them with pre-populated answers.

“Thoughtexchange has been a great tool for us to go out and ask everyone how we can help”

Kevin McGowan, Superintendent
Brighton School District, NY

How it Works

Ask an open-ended question and share widely

Encourage participants to give input and read and rate others’ thoughts

Review reports and analytics on top thoughts, themes and overlap

Understand the group’s ideas, and feelings in real time

Use the group’s collective intelligence to make better decisions

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