Managing the COVID-19 School Year

Show empathy and solidarity as you lead your district through the COVID-19 school year.

Manage the COVID-19 school year by using Thoughtexchange to ask, listen, and respond to your district stakeholders so that you stay on top of their needs in an uncertain time. Stay connected to your parents, students, and staff, make them feel heard, and know when and how to take action on their concerns

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Take on the COVID-19 School year with agility and empathy

You’re adjusting to virtual leadership, managing an unprecedented school year, and having difficult conversations with your staff, students, and families. You need a way to truly connect with people and get their input in real time so that you’re leading effectively and with empathy.
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Using Thoughtexchange, you can:

Respond quickly and effectively to your community’s needs as they arise during the school year.

Have difficult, often divisive, conversations around safety, inclusion, and budgets to find common ground to help you make decisions.

Hear from every member of your remote team and community on the decisions that affect them, instead of surveying them with pre-populated answers.

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Remote Work Support

  • Stay connected to your remote workforce
  • Identify necessary supports for your teaching staff
  • Understand what resources are needed and where to allocate

Distance Learning

  • Identify necessary supports for your distance learners
  • Facilitate group conversations in the virtual classroom
  • Gauge class comprehension and mental health and well-being

Community Engagement

  • Keep your community connected by asking questions, listening, and learning other perspectives
  • Identify necessary supports for your families
  • Understand what’s working and what needs improvement for future visioning

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Understand the power of scaled conversations

With each decision you make for your district, you need to take all stakeholders into account. Thoughtexchange puts the power of inclusive, scaled conversations into the palm of your hand, giving you the data you need for better decision-making and enabling you to foster empathy and  trust through times of change. The best way to understand how it can transform your leadership is to try it.


Back to school planning

A lot of things are in flux right now, including how the future of learning will look. But with Thoughtexchange, Superintendent Quintin Shepherd and Victoria ISD’s Return to School Task Force have been able to collaborate directly with their whole community, get insight into the most important ideas and concerns, and use this information to shape their plan for returning to school.

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Why Thoughtexchange

Build TrustResearch shows people are more likely to support decisions when they trust leadership has truly listened to their concerns. Thoughtexchange lets you quickly engage large groups of people and easily let them know they’ve been heard.
Discover InterestsThoughtexchange can uncover interests common to an entire group, reveal smaller groups with special interests, and bring people together around new interests by exposing them to thoughts shared by others.
Communicate EffectivelyEngaging your community with Thoughtexchange lets you reach more people and understand what’s important to everyone. You can anticipate questions before they get asked and get more attention on district communications.
Gain InsightsAll the data in the world is no good without a streamlined way to interpret it. Thoughtexchange provides advanced interactive data visualization tools that let you easily take a deep look into the most important insights from your exchanges.

Scale conversations and hear from everyone

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