Glendale Unified School District


Glendale & Thoughtexchange: reducing the LCAP workload

How do you achieve authentic engagement with thousands? For districts in California, meaningful engagement is more than an aspiration, it is a mandated requirement of the LCAP. However, assembling multiple committees and carrying out town hall meetings requires an incredible amount of effort. Especially when input is needed on 8 different state priorities ranging from academic standards, to school climate, and even language proficiency and career readiness.

Even though two years have passed since districts created their first LCAP, many are still scrambling to meet engagement and metrics requirements. Because of this, many districts haven’t yet had an opportunity to evaluate if they are getting the most out of their engagement efforts.

"Assembling an LCAP committee that represents all of the segments of our community was challenging, but nothing compared to how difficult it can be to engage every stakeholder group in the community. Thoughtexchange enabled us to reach over 15% of our community which is extremely powerful for a district of our size."DR. RICHARD SHEEHAN, SUPERINTENDENT