Napavine School District


Napavine School District uses Thoughtexchange in a series of engagements to gain broader insights

Becoming the new leader of an organization can be both an exciting challenge and a daunting task. Leaders are required to make tough decisions and move the organization in the right direction, which impacts important stakeholders. Some leaders may choose to forge ahead alone, with their own knowledge and biases to base decisions on, while others seek the thoughts and opinions of those impacted by the decisions, and work towards collaborative solutions.

As the new superintendent of Napavine School District, Rick Jones wanted to learn as much as possible from stakeholders about what direction the district should take and what should be included in their strategic plan. Using Thoughtexchange, Rick and the district began a series of engagements to gain valuable feedback, building on each process by delving deeper into important issues.

"This process is the pathway to our future."DR. RICK JONES, SUPERINTENDENT