Ottawa-Carleton District School Board


Canada’s capital city takes on strategic plan with input from 13,500 community members

For decades, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), the largest school board in Eastern Ontario, had successfully informed their strategic plans through well-attended in-person engagements. In December 2014, the District was entering the fourth year of its latest strategic plan, and this time around, they wanted to take their engagement efforts a step further.

“We were interested in a solution that allowed us to access a wide range and high volume of stakeholders. We wanted something that was highly participatory and wouldn’t require people coming out to meetings,” says Michèle Giroux Executive Officer, Corporate Services of OCDSB’s decision to partner with Thoughtexchange.

"The Thoughtexchange process allowed us to move quickly from the collection of ideas to the definition of our top priorities."MICHÈLE GIROUX, EXECTUIVE OFFICER, CORPORATE SERVICES