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Use Thoughtexchange to ask mission-critical questions related to COVID-19. No limits on participation, or the number of questions you can ask. Let’s get through this together.

COVID-19 Conversation Stats


“With Thoughtexchange, I was able to navigate the questions that I had guessed people had, and surface a bunch of things–small things and big things–that weren’t on my radar. It’s a powerful tool that we need now more than ever.”

Jack Newton,
CEO & Co-Founder, CLIO

The best way to understand Thoughtexchange is to experience it

We asked: "As leaders, what can we do to bring people together and keep them connected and creative as we face challenges caused by COVID-19?" Join the exchange and learn what people are thinking.

“Thoughtexchange has been a great tool for us to go out and ask everyone how we can help”

Kevin McGowan, Superintendent
Brighton School District, NY

Three exchanges to get you started

To quickly get you started, we have three questions available to help you connect with your teams and community. These questions are based on actual exchanges that others in our community are using to hear from people and gather concerns, questions, and ideas. (If something is not on this list, please let us know.)

“We’re glad to use Thoughtexchange as a resource to keep our families safe.”

Dr. Gerald B.Hudson,
Cedar Hill ISD, TX

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We’re moving fast to try and respond to what people need as quickly as we can, so we might’ve missed a few things along the way. Contact us at and we’ll get an answer for you as soon as we can (and update this FAQ as we go).

“What we found [through our exchange] is our citizens are right aligned with what our city is doing. As mayor, it’s really important for me to feel like I’m working with my community, not against them.”

Kathy Moore, Mayor
City of Rossland, BC

What is Thoughtexchange?

Thoughtexchange, the world’s leading crowdsourcing technology, helps leaders crowdsource answers to open-ended questions with groups of 10-100,000 people. The company’s cloud-based SaaS platform is used by many of the world’s largest companies and by thousands of school and community leaders across North America. The technology allows leaders to connect with every member of their team virtually and crowdsource answers to open-ended questions in real time.